Friday, November 3, 2017

Book fair

My brain has been 110% book fair this week!  It's crazy and all encompassing and totally amazing!  I loved seeing how excited the kids got and how eager they were to check it out.  The 5th graders were excited to help bring boxes upstairs so they could get a sneak peek at the books.  Every time the fair was open it was busy and there was energy in the air.  I love it!

5th grade helpers

Quick break to check out the books. 

They wanted to keep going and set up the whole fair, but I made them wait.  There were so many boxes!  I needed to peek through it myself first to figure it all out!

I think several kids wanted to spend the whole week in front of the shelves. 

The book fair was "closed" during library classes, but the didn't stop the kids from observing from afar. 

I tried teacher wish lists this year with some success.  I'll do it again next year with better promotion and visibility. 

The fair was in the library from Friday's Teacher Preview through Thursday morning, then a bunch of amazing teachers and volunteers whisked it down stairs and set it up again in the front lobby.  I am ever so grateful for all the support I got with this effort.  We were up and running again in the lobby by early Thursday afternoon, just in time for parents coming in for conferences.

Thank you all who came, visited, purchased, volunteered, schlepped boxes, supported my efforts, gave me advice, and put up with my exhausted mind this week!  It was amazing and I'm glad it's over.... until next year!

Except, PS, if you missed the fair, or thought of something else you want, you can order online through November 11th. Orders will be shipped, free of charge, to the school. If you're shopping for presents, leave me a note on the check out page and I'll make sure to get them to you discretely without little eyes seeing.